“Surviving and Thriving in Times of Change”

Conference Sub-Theme: World Englishes in the MENA Region

This unique international conference, organised in affiliation with IAFOR Global Partners, offers a unique location from which to consider a number of issues and trends in education. These include the different global Englishes, language distances and access, frictions between the preservation and challenging of traditional and cultures, languages and wisdoms, and how local societies are becoming the melting pots of different cultures, backgrounds and spoken Englishes. The population of the UAE, as well as those of the Arabian Gulf countries, is multicultural and rich in the difference one would expect from its geographical location at the heart of the Middle East. The region has been undergoing continuous development in academia, economics, trading and is growing as a recognizable and influential world power.

We hope and expect the 2018 conference in Dubai will bring together educators from around the MENA region specifically and the world generally to exchange ideas, research and practice from their own backgrounds and contexts, and draw on, and be inspired by, the local and international body of delegates from a multitude of different national and international backgrounds.

IICEDubai & IICLLDubai

This conference will be held alongside The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Dubai 2018 (IICEDubai2018), and many of the sessions will concentrate on areas at the intersection of education and language learning. In keeping with IAFOR’s commitment to interdisciplinary study, delegates in either side of the conference are encouraged to attend sessions in other disciplines. Keynote, Featured and Spotlight Speakers will provide a variety of perspectives from different academic and professional backgrounds. Registration for either conference will allow delegates to attend sessions in the other.

In conjunction with our Global Partners, we look forward to extending you a warm welcome in 2018.

The IICLLDubai2018 Organising Committee

Dr Christine Coombe, Dubai Men’s College, UAE
Dr Christina Gitsaki, Zayed University, UAE
Dr Firas Al-Jubouri, University of Sharjah, UAE
Professor Said M. Faiq, American University of Sharjah, UAE
Dr Sufian Abu-Rmaileh, UAE University, UAE
Dr Joseph Haldane, The International Academic Forum (IAFOR), Japan

Key Information
  • Venue & Location: The InterContinental Festival City Event Centre, Dubai, UAE
  • Dates: Friday, February 16, 2018 ​to Sunday, February 18, 2018
  • Conference Theme: “Surviving and Thriving in Times of Change”
  • Early Bird Abstract Submission Deadline: October 10, 2017*
  • Final Abstract Submission Deadline: December 08, 2017
  • Registration Deadline for Presenters: January 11, 2018

*Submit early to take advantage of the discounted registration rates. Learn more about our registration options.

Visit Dubai

The Middle East has for thousands of years been a meeting point of religions, cultures and trade routes, but the newer states of the United Arab Emirates have in recent years acquired importance as an academic hub at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as of the United States, with the building of a number of new universities and satellite campuses.

Education and development feature highly on the agenda at the IAFOR Dubai Conference Series, which reflects the rich cultural and historical significance of the Middle East as well as Dubai’s growing significance in world affairs.